Netizens are upset with BLACKPINK not exerting much effort into the BORN PINK World Tour, leading to a lackluster performance

Blackpink may be “the largest K-pop girl group,” but their unattainable level of perfection is turning off even their biggest fans as they embark on a world tour.

Online critics haven’t let up on their attacks on the Blackpink concert stage video or the members for their shaky dancing and inexperienced mistakes.

It’s unclear what kind of choreography the Blackpink members are performing in the video because they appear to lose their focus and separate from the group at various points.

Not only that but they were caught frozen in place during the choreography, which led to many frowns.

It’s not good enough to say that nobody had time to practice together because they were all so busy, or that it was just an honest mistake because of the equipment’s poor state.

Fans can’t help but express their dissatisfaction in the form of negative feedback.

When people look for BLACKPINK’s concert, the word “mess,” which means “a messed up state,” comes up as a related search term.

Blackpink’s silent and unprofessional stage, which even drains the strength to cheer, creates bitterness amongst their fans who have waited so long to see them perform.



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