Xu Yiyang, formerly of S.M.ROOKIES, and EXO Tao were spotted by the paparazzi while out to dinner with Tao’s mother

EXO Tao held a family gathering this time with a dating rumor.

Local news outlets in China, like Sina Entertainment News, reported on November 1 that Tao had recently seen his mother with singer Xu Yiyang.

In the picture that was shared, Tao gives Ms. Xu some of her soup while she smiles and talks.

After dinner, Tao and Ms. Xu went home together and moved some furniture, which made people think they were dating again.

Before, it was said twice that they were dating. When Tao and Xu Yiyang were seen on the beach together in February, the first dating rumors began to spread.

At the time, Tao said, “All of our artists are family.”

Then, in April, it was said that the two had gone to Hangzhou, China, and spent two days on set there.

Tao, on the other hand, joined the group EXO in 2012 and left in 2015 because of problems with SM Entertainment. He is busy in China right now.

Xu Yiyang used to be a trainee at SM Entertainment. In 2016, she was a member of the group SM Rookies, and in 2018, she signed an exclusive contract with Long Tao Entertainment, which was started by Tao.



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