Yoo Ah In’s agency says he wasn’t in Itaewon on the night of the crowd surge

Yoo Ah In‘s camp stated that the rumor he caused the October 29 incident in the downtown area of Itaewon, Seoul was “completely baseless.”

An representative from Yoo Ah In‘s agency, UAA, announced on November 1st, “Yoo Ah In departed the country on October 29th and is currently staying abroad. He is unrelated to the Itaewon incident“.

Claims were made online shortly after the catastrophe that the disaster occurred when big celebrities and influencers visited Itaewon and crowds gathered to watch them.

Mentioned were actor Yoo Ah In, as well as BJ K and BJ Seya.

In reaction, BJ K stated in his own broadcast, “I was pushed into to the bar because of the crowd“. BJ Seya further explained, “I was simply pushed by the crowd, and my makeup prevented anyone from recognizing me“.

In the meantime, the police intend to investigate thoroughly any defamation or leakage of the deceased’s personal information in relation to the Itaewon incident.

Already, six posts, including offensive ones, have been ordered to be investigated (internal investigation).

Additionally, 63 posts, including the spreading of false information, were requested to be deleted and restricted.



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