BTS’s Jin returns safely to South Korea wearing his eye-catching slippers

BTSJin returned safely to South Korea and caught the attention of the public at the airport.

On October 31, Jin returned to South Korea after finishing his schedule in Argentina performing his solo single “The Astronaut” at the Coldplay concert.

He garnered much attention at the airport. In particular, Jin received much attention for his airport fashion.

On this day, he appeared wearing a mask and checkered shirt paired with comfortable slippers. Photos of Jin quickly spread across the web as the idol drew attention to his unique look. 

Fans and netizens gathered their interest and commented in an online community. They commented:

You worked hard, Seokjin-ah, and the stage was really cool.

Seokjin-ah, it’s good to see you again. I really enjoyed the stage ~

Does this person really look like they’ve been on a long flight? Too beautiful You did a lot. Rest well. I’ve always been happy because of you.

I was so happy because of Seokjin‘s stage. Thank you, please go home and rest well.

Because he has such a small face, his mask always looks like it covers half of his neck.

Look at his ankles, they’re as big as your fist. Seokjin-ah, you worked hard!

Seokjin-ah, you were so cool and emotional in your performance! You did a lot of work on stage and had a long flight, so let’s get a lot of rest.

Our Seokinie came back wearing his favorite slippers. After this long flight, he must be tired… You worked hard, and we appreciate it. I’m so proud of you, our hamster prince!

His eyes are full of mischief, which makes him cute. It makes me happy to see him happy.

His proportions are great. He is cool.

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