Netizens say LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Chaewon at the center makes the entire group’s dancing look even better

Netizens are talking about how Kim Chaewon‘s dancing has “improved.”

A netizen wrote a post on an online community forum with the title “Kim Chaewon‘s dancing got better after IZ*ONE.

In the post, a series of GIFs show Kim Chaewon at the center, leading the group’s dance moves.

The person who uploaded these photos also said, “Kim Chaewon in the middle makes the whole group look like they’re dancing better.

The netizen also said, “Everyone pays attention to Kim Chaewon when she dances in the center, so it looks like the average dancing skill of LE SSERAFIM is getting better.”

Netizens who agreed said things like:

She really does help everyone in the group dance better. She isn’t just good technically; she also knows how to keep our attention.

If the person in the middle isn’t good at dancing, the whole beat is thrown off and the choreography looks bad.

The best thing about her is that she can make everyone else shine.

Crazy, but the fact that she can also sing well.

She puts everyone and everything in order with her dancing.

She gets us to pay attention to the whole dance.

How is she so good at giving the other members her energy? Amazing.

Seeing Kim Chaewon instantly reminded me how important it is for a group to have a good leader.

She is really good at dancing! Lee Chae Yeon chose her as the best dancer.

She was good at dancing and singing at first, but after her re-debut, she improved

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