A recent photo of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo raises concern for the artist’s health

During BLACKPINK‘s world tour, fans worry about Jisoo‘s health.

Due to their busy individual and group schedules, BLACKPINK has shown signs of being tired more than once.

But they always try to be professional and do their work in the best way possible. Fans are worried about Jisoo‘s health right now because they have seen a big bump on her neck.

BORN PINK,BLACKPINK‘s world tour, is getting a lot of attention from fans all over the world. Even though each show only lasts a few hours, the members had to practice for a long time and do their best for every minute.

Fans saw that Jisoo probably had a health problem when they watched them perform. A lymph node in her neck is swollen, and it is easy to see. This may also be why she wore her hair mostly long during the concert.

Jisoo has been in this same kind of situation before. Fans also found this lymph node on Jisoo‘s neck during BLACKPINK‘s last world tour.

Jisoo still gave it her all on stage like nothing had happened. Her hard work and dedication are admirable.

Fans of Jisoo think that her lymph nodes are swollen. This happens when the body is tired or sick with a cough, cold, or fever. But having swollen lymph nodes for a long time is bad for a person’s health.

Fans are worried about Jisoo because her big lymph nodes have come back. The female idol is also busy because she is on tour with BLACKPINK around the world. Jisoo should soon have enough time to get the care and rest she needs.

Jisoo‘s health isn’t as good as she often shows her fans. During a CH+ voice chat, the female idol said that her allergy to dog fur was getting worse. So that she could take care of her dog, Jisoo had to take medicine every day.

Even though Jisoo isn’t always in good health, she keeps to her schedule. Fans are much more proud of how hard BLACKPINK works because of this.



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