TXT’s Yeonjun With Glasses Can Wreck Your Life, And You’ll Still Thank Him For It

On October 27 and 28, TXT held the last two concerts of their ACT: LOVE SICK world tour in Manila, Philippines.

Online videos show that it was a great time!

As with all of TXT’s concerts, there were lots of funny or cute things that stood out.

Even their fans couldn’t get over how good they looked, and Yeonjun’s casually sexy look on the last show has made him a bit of an internet sensation.

Even when he’s wearing an edgier or more complicated outfit, he still looks like a model in a simple white shirt and glasses.

He even became the topic of a post on a Korean online forum called “Don’t glasses look good on Choi Yeonjun?” In the post, many pictures from the idol’s concert were shown.

The photo was captioned “White shirt and spectacles…” He’s kind of handsome, I guess… which a few diehards took as a sign of understatement on their part.

Many of the comments made by Korean internet users agreed with the post’s original author.

Those spectacles look great on him, but isn’t it partially due to his long hair? It’s undeniable that he has a sick look.

I beg you, hastily return to Korea

I mean, look at him today—he wore spectacles with his outfit, and he looked absolutely nuts.

All that comes to mind is this…

It’s a perfect fit for him.

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