Here Are Rare Childhood Photos Of Kim Chaewon That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Day

How can anyone not smile when they see Kim Chaewon‘s cute childhood photos?

It’s always interesting to see how one’s bias evolves over time!

She even became the topic of a post on a Korean online forum called “But Kim Chaewon.” In the post, many pictures from the idol’s childhood were shown.

A netizen just compiled Kim Chaewon‘s childhood photos, and they might simply brighten your day.

The photo was captioned “Her current appearance can be seen in childhood photographs. It’s not easy to be as beautiful as a baby, yet I’m always interested when I see Kim Chaewon’s infant images… When I viewed the first picture today, I was taken aback.” which other netizens agreed.

They commented as the following:

When I first met Kim Chaewon, I thought it was apparent that she had her eyes done, but her eyes appeared the same as when she was younger. Her double eyelid line is just that thick.

Huh? No, I’m not a troll, but I was convinced Kim Chaewon did her eyes, yet she already looked like that as a child…? What the hell happened? So she did not have double eyelid surgery? Personally, I think Kim Chaewon is f*cking beautiful, but I thought it was too evident that she had her eyes done? But her eyes are real? I’m genuinely intrigued, therefore I’m asking. Kim Chaewon is undoubtedly stunning, yet this is somewhat startling.

I’m envious of her feminine upper body. Her face is likewise f*cking lovely and charming.

Her skull is also very little, and she is extremely attractive. A celebrity with clout

She was quite thin.

I’m hoping Kim Chaewon can get a promotion without her bangs.

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