Netizens defend NMIXX’s Haewon from haters who harshly criticize her eye-smile

Netizens have recently started to criticize NMIXX‘s Haewon for the way she tries to smile with her eyes.

On October 21, a Pann user put together a bunch of photos of the young performer smiling at a recent show and said mean things about her eye-smile.

The netizen who wrote the post stated, “It bothers me that she probably thought, If I force a big smile on stage, people will talk about me as one of those idols who really enjoy being on stage, right?“.

Many people have started to say that it looks like she is just closing her eyes or forcing herself to squint instead of smiling naturally.

The way an alleged anti-fan has been naming the different members of the group seems to fit with these comments.

Other netizens commented:

It’s indeed cringe.

To be honest, every idol today must be aware of how to act to get a lot of RTs on Twitter or to go viral on YouTube.

It looks like NMIXX is making a lot of money these days, given how many forced hate posts they are getting.

This one ㅋㅋ.

I know what you’re saying. She would be just as pretty if she smiled more often.

I totally agree.

I like her better this way because it shows that she wants to do things instead of just sitting around doing nothing… You f*ckers are upset about everything.

Imong mama ㅋㅋ.

What are your thoughts?



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