Netizens comment on Kim Yoo Jung wearing the exact same dress as BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Netizens tried to compare actress Kim Yoo Jung to BLACKPINK‘s Jennie, who was recently noticed wearing the very same dress.

On October 25, a netizen posted to a popular online community forum with the title, “Jennie and Yoo Jung, relatively similar clothes but different vibes.”

Here, the netizen evaluated by comparing BLACKPINK‘s Jennie to actress Kim Yoo Jung, who was also wearing a white dress that showed off her beautiful shoulders.

The person online said about Jennie and Kim Yoo Jung, “Jennie has the seductive vibes.” and “Kim Yoo Jung possesses the more fresh, innocent vibes,” the netizen said about her.


Kim Yoo Jung

Netizens commented:

I love Yoo Jung‘s pure vibes so much.

Jennie gives off vibes of being very cool, and Kim Yoo Jung gives off vibes of being a great actress.

The bottom of Jennie‘s dress was pulled up and brought down, so the length of her dress is now shorter. Since Kim Yoo Jung‘s dress goes past her thighs, their vibes are, of course, different.

Kim Yoo Jung really helps me understand what an actress is.

They look like a pretty and hot girl from the West mixed with a pretty girl from East Asia.

If Yoo Jung puts on makeup, makes the length of her dress just past her behind, pulls the dress down, and poses like that, she can also give off the same vibes as Jennie.

Jennie is undefeatable. Just the way Jennie‘s clothes fit is better.

Wow, the clothes have such different vibes depending on the model. It goes from being cool to being bright.

Both of their shoulder lines are nice, so I’m envious that they can wear clothes like that.

Jennie makes it look like a high-end brand when she wears it. I think Jennie makes it look classier.

What are your thoughts?



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