Taiwanese Singer Allegedly Plagiarized Lisa’s Styling In Her Song “Money”

A top star from Taiwan and Greater China copied BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and became a hot topic.

Taiwanese singer Show Lo released the cover image of the new album released on October 25th. 

She is sitting on her bike dressed in a woman’s outfit and is smiling at her camera, wearing her blonde ponytail hair, hot pants and a brand A top.

This teaser image, which Show Lo released ahead of the release of her single on October 27th, is being criticized for being a copy of Blackpink Lisa

In fact, Show Lo’s styling is similar to that of her Lisa’s ‘Money’ music video. It’s the same, with her ponytail hair, A’s, red hot pants, and boots decorated with fur.

Show Lo has been a topic of discussion in the past as a ‘buccaneer’ who has disguised herself as a woman once. 

In 2016, Show Lo showed off her daughter-in-law’s name as Ju Byeok Seok (Jubis), and this new album is an album in which Show Lo makes a comeback with the concept of Ju Byeok Seok.

Local netizens reacted to the concept of Na-sang’s new album, “I don’t know if I should call this plagiarism,” It’s funny, but it’s scary,” and “It’s a very obvious parody.”

On the other hand, singer-actress Show Lo was found to be having an affair with her long-time lover in 2020, and was criticized by the public and took a break from her activities.



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