Song Joong Ki confirmed casting for a novel adaptation of “Ro Giwan”

Song Joong Ki is an actor who works tirelessly.

According to the film industry, Song Joong Ki has recently confirmed that he will appear in the film ‘Ro Gi-wan (Director Kim Hee-jin)’ as his next film and is preparing to film.

‘Ro Gi-wan,’ a film adaptation of Jo Hae-novel jin’s ‘I Met Ro Gi-wan,’ is said to be a work that depicts the story of Ro Gi-wan, a young man from North Hamgyong Province who is smuggled into Belgium, and a broadcast writer who follows in his footsteps.

As a North Korean defector, Song Joong Ki predicts another radical transformation.

The relationship between Song Joong Ki and Ro Ki Wan dates back to 2017. At the time of the first mention of Song Joong Ki’s appearance, the production team and Song Joong Ki‘s side both responded, “It’s just one meeting,” and “It’s premature”

That meeting continued until five years later, and the ‘Ro Gi-wan’ project was restarted.

With this, Song Joong Ki will join the ‘Ro Gi-wan’ project after finishing the currently filming ‘Hwaran’. As the amount of locations is quite large, the ‘Ro Gi-wan’ team is expected to start filming overseas at the end of the year as soon as possible. 



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