Netizens got into a heated argument as to who between Taeyeon and Nayeon deserves the ‘Best Female Artist Award’

Mnet announced the nominees for this year’s ‘Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)’ on October 24.

On this day, various artists were chosen for multiple categories for this year’s award ceremonies, including ‘Best Male Artist,’ ‘Best Female Artist,’ ‘Best Male Group,’ and more.

IU, (G)I-dle Miyeon, Twice Nayeon, Red Velvet Seulgi, and Taeyeon were the nominees for ‘Best Female Artist.’

Following the announcement of the nominees in this category, many netizens gathered in an online community to predict the winners while also discussing the artists’ fierce competition.

On October 24, a post about Best Female Artist Award began trending on enter-talk‘ community board under the title, “WHO DO YOU BELIEVE WILL WIN THE MAMA FOR BEST FEMALE ARTIST?“.

Other netizens rushed to the comment sections and said the following:

It will be Nayeon, according to MAMA’s standards. She did well in the charts, but she also had the most albums and the best MV.

Isn’t that Nayeon? They are taking into account international success.

Only Taeyeon was able to complete an all-kill this year and ranked first for a month.

Because of the international scores, Nayeon

Nayeon has 110 million Spotify streams, while Taeyeon has 40 million. Aside from the Korean chart, Nayeon is ranked higher in every other country. Even in terms of album sales

According to my research, Taeyeon has 97 million streams in Korea, while Nayeon has 28 million. Melon sent this in. Even if you include other sites, the difference will be minimal. The difference between the two is approximately 3.5x. Spotify’s streams may cancel out the score. When it comes to physical albums, Taeyeon didn’t sell less than a quarter of Nayeon’s. She sold roughly half of her albums, so she will receive at least half of her total score. So the gap has shrunk to a single digit. Stop fussing just because she’s 15 years into her career. Before you start talking, go check your opponent’s score.

Who do you think truly deserves the Best Female Artist Award?



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