Fans Have Found NewJeans Haerin’s Lookalike And She Turns Out To Be An International Actress

The celebrity world is full of lookalikes, and it appears that fans have discovered yet another famous resemblance.

With NewJeans Haerin on the rise, it’s no surprise that fans have noticed she appears to be related to yet another famous person.

Let’s start with one of Haerin‘s pictorials. After the success of NewJeans 1st album, her name value increased, and she worked on 1st Look Korea.

On October 24 a post about Haerin began trending on enter-talk‘ community board under the title, “She’s sooo gorgeous“.

The netizen who posted said, “What the hell happened? I saw a retweet of these on Twitter and thought she was lovely. I have no idea what they were filming, but the vibes are fantastic… Seriously, she’s a lovely kitty-type.“

Other netizens then commented:

Her image stands out a lot. There are many kitty-like faces, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone who looks exactly like a cat.

She really does appear mysterious. She has an unusual charm

She embodies the kitty type.

I thought she was just charming at first, but her face is actually freaking gorgeous.

People are constantly claiming that they are attempting to make her go viral simply because no one cares about their unnies.

However, there is a comment from a netizen saying, “She has a Devon Aoki vibe to her.” really stood out and made other netizens become curious and took them time to think about it.

The netizens then rushed to the comment section saying:

The comparison to Devon Aoki is spot on!

The Devon Aoki comparison is spot on, and she also reminds me of Aragaki Yui when she had bangs like this.

She resembles Devon Aoki, but with softer features. EDIT: I didn’t notice the first comment. Yes, I agree.

Devon Aoki’s remark is spot on!

Meanwhile, Devon Aoki is a fashion model and actress. Aoki’s film credits include cameos in 2 Fast 2 Furious and Sin City, as well as lead roles in DOA: Dead or Alive and Mutant Chronicles.

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