SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu and Song Kang made it hard for fans to tell who’s the idol and who’s the actor

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu and Song Kang has become a hot topic because of their stunning visuals that new fans are having a hard time to tell who is the idol and who is the actor.

On October 6th was held the Cartier Maison Opening Party in Korea. Because Mingyu and Song Kang work with the luxury brand, they went to the event. They were thrilled to see each other again.

During the party, they were seen talking and making fun of each other. Later, Mingyu put up a couple of photos of himself with the handsome actor on his Instagram account. The smiles show that they are having a good time. What a beautiful friendship!

Meanwhile, a post about Mingyu and Song Kang began trending on Nate’s community board under the title, “SEVENTEEN’s MINGYU AND SONG KANG“.

The netizen who wrote the post stated, “I saw them regularly on Instagram. Usually, the look of an idol and the look of an actor are different, but when you look at these two together, they don’t look that different“.

The netizen added, “I knew they were the same height, and I also knew that they were different in other ways. Here, it’s hard to tell who is the idol and who is the actor“.

Other netizens quickly responded with comments sharing their opinions, such as:

Compared to other idols, Mingyu looks more like an actor, while Song Kang looks more like an idol than other actors.

Mingyu looks more like an actor than I expected.

Still, if you look at them in the end, you will only see Song Kang because his face is so small.

Mingyu seems like a f*cking hot guy. He’s hot as hell.

Song Kang has a small face and is much more handsome than you might expect from an actor.

Ugh,,., Mingyu looks good.

What are your thoughts?



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