Netizens sparks a heated debate whether Han So Hee is really beautiful or not

Even though Han So Hee is known for how beautiful she looks, some Netizens aren’t sure if she really is.

Even though she’s been called a beautiful actress, some Netizens aren’t sure if that’s true. There’s no doubt that her youthful energy and charm have won her a lot of new fans, but some people say she’s not technically beautiful.

On October 21, a post about Han So Hee began trending on Nate‘s community board under the title, “Why do people have different opinions about how beautiful Han So Hee is?“.

The netizen who wrote the post stated, “I really don’t know. Her nose bridge is too thick, and her jaw is too long and big. So, if you looked at her closely, you would only see her nose“.

The netizen added, “But if you look at her from a distance, she seems pretty. But people like her because she is very nice, cute, and works hard“.

Other netizens quickly responded with comments sharing their opinions, such as:

To be honest, she looks rough because her chin is low and her facial lines aren’t smooth. If I can put it nicely, she is attractive and has the kind of face that women would want. There are, of course, exceptions, so don’t get mad at me. Han So Hee‘s fans scare me.

Every time I see her, all I can focus on is her chin. She looks so manly because of her chin and cheeks, so girls can’t help but like her. Women like men who look good a lot more than women who look pretty. But she’s getting way too many compliments that are way too nice.

Han So Hee can’t help but get different opinions because her face isn’t feminine and doesn’t have beautiful lines. Her face has sharp angles, and people look more like men when their chins are longer. And your face looks cuter the more your facial lines are smooth and the shorter your chin is… She looks like both a man and a woman, so girls are crazy about her while men have mixed feelings.

Men tend to think the same way. People say that her chin looks like Kim Gura‘s and that she has an attractive face.

Seriously, I find it so interesting that my mom and I think she’s so freaking pretty, but my uncle and dad don’t see what’s so pretty about her. My dad’s dream girl is Lee Young Ae, and my brother’s is Park Soo Jin. So that’s why every time she’s on TV, we have different opinions and end up fighting. Depending on your style, people have different opinions about her.

This is so pointless, omg. She’s pretty and easily meets beauty standards. Only insecure kids would write a post like this.

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