(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Is Going Viral for Her Upgraded Dancing Ability in “Nxde”

(G)I-DLE has been pushing their latest hit, “Nxde,” which has received positive feedback from fans and netizens alike.

With their blonde hair and daring clothing, the adult burlesque concept fits all of the members exceptionally well, and the stages they’ve been performing are legendary!

Shuhua, the group’s maknae, has received special appreciation for how well she fits this comeback.

Many fans refer to it as her era, and it’s simple to see why when you see her perform!

On October 21, a critical post about Shuhua began trending on enter-talk‘ community board under the title,Shuhua‘s fan cam is breathtaking“.

The netizen who posted said, “Shuhua’s dancing lines are the best for Nxde. She’s simply lovely and pleasant. She has the ability to drive people insane“.

Other netizens then commented:

After watching their show, I understand why Shuhua had more parts this time. In the highlights, her reactions and dancing were the greatest.

Her dancing line and expressions at the highlight moments are too beautiful to ignore.

During their sabbatical, she posted a lot of dance videos on her Instagram, and I discovered that she really put more meaning into her dancing movements. Her dancing has become more powerful since Tomboy. She practiced a lot, so she developed some nice dance lines as well.

I like another idol, but Shuhua is legendary… Her skin is white, therefore she looks great as a blonde. It’s a standard that gorgeous girls can deviate from when they chose to dress up.

Please listen to their live radio. Our Shuhua also made a significant difference in her life! This is Ye Shuhua’s best promotion ever.

I believe Nxde was created for Shuhua… Her allure is increasing.

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