NewJeans catches netizens attention once again for allegedly “bad outfits” at Y2K style fashion

Netizens were not happy with NewJeansY2K-style fashion choices once again.

On October 21, the members of NewJeans went to a Coca-Cola event where they posed in front of the press photo wall while holding up Coca-Cola signs or cans.

Before “KCON Japan“. NewJeans was criticized for the strange clothes they wore.

Now, the group is once again getting a lot of attention from Netizens.

They look like they got their clothes from a box where people donate used clothes.

It can’t be described any other way than… tacky

Why do they keep putting these beautiful girls through this?

But why all the hats…

They look like kids who got dressed up in their mom’s closet clothes.

The point of “Y2K” isn’t to bring back all of the bad fashion from that time, but to make it look cool again.

Why can’t they take into account the different body types of each member?

Some people, however, said

Even though these outfits aren’t that bad, they’re not the kind that a beginner can wear right away.

I thought they were wearing hats because they were hiding their hair colors with wigs.

Even though the members’ clothes are ugly, they are alluring.

I mean, I could see these outfits in a magazine from the 1990s.

Not really that bad. It could be because they are still babies and don’t look as good in the clothes as a model would. 

What are your thoughts?



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