Netizens are upset by Lee Chan Hyuk’s behavior toward the MCs and have called him “rude”

It’s past time to put aside your own desires and accomplish what needs to be done.

Lee Chan Hyuk of AKMU replied to relationship allegations by being silent.

Lee Chan Hyuk performed the title track “Panorama” from his debut full-length solo album on October 20th on Mnet’s “M Countdown” show.

Even though this was Lee Chan Hyuk‘s first time performing on a solo stage, he managed to leave an impression on everyone.

He remained constant and silent throughout the entire pre-interview with MCs Nam Yoon Soo and Miyeon.

Miyeon asked Lee Chan Hyuk, who was wearing a mask, how he felt about his solo debut; Lee did not respond; Miyeon texted back, “I think he is happy to debut.

When Nam Yoon Soo asked what set his solo activities apart from AKMU, he did not respond; Nam Yoon Soo texted back, “Telepathy is here. He said he will work hard without much difference from Akmu.”

The subsequent phase was likewise a show. During his performance, he turned his back to the camera and audience. His audience members could only see him from the back of the stage after a while.

It is impolite to ignore other people’s questions without answering them, even if it is a childish idea, as Lee Chan Hyuk who had been given the title of ‘GD’s disease’ by showing unusual behavior on the stage where he turned his back on the camera for the first time in Korea, learned the hard way.

While it’s essential for artists to be themselves, Lee Chan Hyuk should remember that being unique does not mean being disrespectful.

Specifically,fromis_9 member Lee Sae Rom and Lee Chan Hyuk had been speculated to be dating since the previous day. There are growing numbers of people who are critical of him because they believe he silently performed his discomfort with the initial dating allegations.



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