Netizens express regret that Kim Min Ju did not join LE SSERAFIM with Kim Chaewon and Sakura

After IZ*ONE‘s contract expired, the project girl group members established their own careers as solo artists or members of new girl groups.

The majority of IZ*ONE members have launched successfully with new girl groups or as solo performers. Kim Chaewon and Sakura have also joined the rookie girl group LE SSERAFIM and are pursuing music careers.

LE SSERAFIM is one of the most anticipated rookie girl groups of the fourth generation since they have dominated the global charts.

Nonetheless, fans have expressed a modest desire in an online group. Fans have voiced regret that Kim Min Ju did not join LE SSERAFIM alongside Kim Chaewon and Sakura.

One netizen began the topic by stating, “I believe it would have been insane if the three of them performed “FEARLESS” with Kim Min Ju at the center.”

The writer said, “I believe she is attempting to become an actress, but she is a fantastic idol. I believe she is the ideal match for LE SSERAFIM‘s color. She would have been a prominent member of the fourth generation of girl groups “.

Other Netizens also joined in and said:

I think Kim Min Ju would have been a great fit for “FEARLESS“, but I don’t think she’s right for the latest concept.

She wouldn’t have fit the LE SSERAFIM image, in my opinion.

She joined SOOP Management, so don’t bother her.

I believe that Kim Mi Ju wants to be an actress.

I think she would have looked better in IVE.

think that she would have looked good with LE SSERAFIM.

Kim Garam left, I do feel like LE SSERAFIM is missing a member. Kim Min Ju would have made the team stronger.

I think LE SSERAFIM is just right the way it is.

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