Netizens talk about ITZY’s Yeji before and after losing her baby fat

Netizens have been talking about ITZY‘s Yeji lately as they talk about the before and after photos of the girl group member after she lost her baby fat.

One netizen put up several pictures of Yeji, including pictures from her debut and pictures from more recently.

Netizens could tell that Yeji looked a little different after she lost the baby fat in her cheeks.

When compared to her debut photos, the pictures showed that Yeji had lost a lot of the baby fat in her cheeks.

DALLA DALLA, ICY: She looked like a little fairy because she had baby cheeks.
WANNABE: a baby wolf
NOT SHY: She went from being a kitten to being a person.
MAFIA: unnie vibes, alluring aura
LOCO, SNEAKERS, now: furing Mafia, her unnie vibes made her more gentle.

Since they first came out, all of the ITZY girls have kept their slim bodies, and it’s clear that Yeji has lost the fat in her cheeks.

Netizens all agreed that Yeji was pretty before she lost her baby fat, but that she looked even better after she did.

Netizens’ Commented:

She was pretty when she had baby fat, but she looks even better now that she has lost them.

When she was filming “KBS’s Snack Spree Idol,” she was incredibly pretty.

She is very pretty. Her chin is very pointed.

She was cute when she was a baby, but now she looks a lot more grown up.

She is both cute and hot.

Yeji was pretty from the beginning.

She’s still pretty, but I liked Yeji better when she had full cheeks in Dalla Dalla and ICY. Back then, she looked like a video game character.

Yeji doesn’t just look like a cat, she really is a cat. She is so beautiful. She has eyes that catch your attention right away.

The best types are kitty types.

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