Netizens hardly believe TWICE’s Nayeon continues her college studies despite her hectic schedule

Netizens observed that TWICE‘s Nayeon has taken a leave of absence from her education and questioned whether she truly requires the degree.

On October 18 KST, a member of the online community forum community posed the question, “Why Isn’t Nayeon Dropping Out of College?

Along with a screenshot of Nayeon’s background information from an internet source, the netizen noted that Nayeon is now enrolled at Konkuk University but has been on leave of absence for a considerable amount of time.

Considering her incredibly successful career with in K-pop industry as a member of the top girl group TWICE and her lengthy sabbatical, the netizen pondered why Nayeon doesn’t just drop out.

The netizen wrote, “She is already so successful that it is pointless for her to continue attending college; wouldn’t it be better if she dropped out?“.


  • Seoul Myungwon Elementary School (graduated)
  • Sungdeok Girls Middle School (graduated)
  • Kang Dong High School (transferred)
  • Apgujeong High School (graduated)
  • Konkuk University (Video/Movie department / Leave of Absence)”

In response, Netizens said:

On the other hand, does she have a reason to quit?

She studied hard? She went to Konkuk University? That’s so cool.

Didn’t Nayeon work hard in school, too?

If you are out of school for too long, don’t you get kicked out?

Since so long, Nayeon has been going to college. Didn’t she sign up the first time when she was 21?

She has no reason at all to stop going to Konkuk University. Still, it’s good to have gone to college.

What? How did she get into a school this good?

I had no idea that she goes to college.

Soongsil, a Korean YouTuber who isn’t famous, went to college for 10 years, so why can’t Nayeon do the same?

In the future, if TWICE‘s promotions stop, she can still get a college degree.



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