Jennie’s muscular dance partner at BLACKPINK’s “BORN PINK” concert receives a lot of attention

Lee Young Sang has worked with YG artists and made their stages better with his dance moves.

The two-night “BORN PINK” concert by BLACKPINK in Korea is over, but fans can still feel like they were there.

Two things stood out: Jennie‘s solo dance, “You and Me,” got good reviews, and the male dancer who was paired with the idol was revealed.

The dancer who danced with Jennie in her solo show “You and Me” wowed the audience with his good looks, strong body, and elegant moves.

At the concert, the man who danced with Jennie made a big splash.
Lee Young Sang‘s dance moves made Jennie‘s show even more exciting.
Lee Young Sang is friends with a lot of YG Entertainment artists.
Rosé’s solo was helped by the male dancer.
Lee Young Sang worked with Lisa on her projects.
He is also friends with some of the people in BIGBANG.
Lee Young Sang danced with G-Dragon on stage as a back-up dancer.
Outside of YG, he has close ties with other artists.

He is Lee Young Sang. He is a member of the dance group YGX and works for YG Entertainment as the Performance Director and Choreographer.

Lee Young Sang has many chances to work with other artists at YG because he has many different jobs there. He stays in touch with members of BLACKPINK, TREASURE, WINNER, and BIGBANG.

Lee Young Sang is also noticed for his masculinity and hard-earned six-pack. He has a clear personality that fits with the YG way of doing things. He also likes to play soccer.

Lee Young Sang’s strong looks made a big impression on people.
The close-up shot of the male dancer.
He has the ideal body shape and a six-pack that is as hard as a rock.
He has a style that is very YG.



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