Rosé’s bendy poses at BLACKPINK’s “BORN PINK” concert in Korea alarmed fans again

A lot of people at the “BORN PINK” concert were surprised by Rosé‘s signature style of dancing.

BLACKPINK just finished a two-day concert in Seoul that went well. There were a lot of people at the concert, and they noticed some interesting things, like Rosé‘s “bendy” poses.

Rosé always bent more than the other members during the same dance moves. She also bent herself in different ways for photo shoots.

What made them notice her was how natural and skilled she was while doing it. Fans said that this was a cute habit of the singer.

The way Rosé dances, which is “bendy,” becomes a way for fans to recognize her. BLINKs know this so well that they can tell who she is just by looking at her shadow. This showed how sweet and girly the lead singer is.

That wasn’t the first time Rosé‘s “bendy” dancing got people’s attention. Fans used to be amazed by how flexible she was because she could bend her body into a “C” shape. Some people were even worried about her back and waist.

Some people don’t like how she dances this way, but her fans say that it’s because she puts so much force and power into her moves that they come out this way. She moved in a way that showed both strength and grace in the way she danced.

Fans at the concert were drawn to Rosé’s signature dance moves, which stood out. It also shows that the idol knows how to sing and dance well.



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