Netizens love the visuals and choreography in LE SSERAFIM “ANTIFRAGILE” MV but find the song lacking?

On October 17th, LE SSERAFIM released their highly anticipated new album and title track “ANTIFRAGILE“. It has been 5 months since their last comeback with “FEARLESS“.

Many people were able to see how beautiful the girls looked and how much their agency spent to make a high-quality MV through the MV.

But even so, individuals on the web seemed to have mixed feelings about their new title track.

Netizens shared their opinions on online communities about “ANTIFRAGILE“. Some people thought the MV was great, but the song was missing something.

They also felt that the song was rather ‘messy‘ compared to their previous hit track “FEARLESS“.

Some Korean netizens also feel like they couldn’t hear some parts of the song and that the rap part is terrible.

There were, of course, a lot of fans who were excited about their return. Especially the parts of Kim Chaewon and Huh Yunjin, where they think they really stand out and make the concept work.

Netizens comments:

Kim Chaewon was crazy, she is so good. All of her parts were killing parts

The song is missing something, it sounds like they’re just murmuring… I feel like I’m listening to the song at a lower volume. Still, the stage is worth looking forward to, because it looks great.

The song is really good.

The choreography is good. Kazuha is way too pretty.

The song is pretty kitsch. Even though their pronunciation is a bit strange. Eunchae and Chaewon really draw your attention in the song.

Kazuha‘s pronunciation is far too…. And Eunchae seems to be unable to pull off her part.

That Antitititi fragile is so addicting.

Why is Eunchae so cute?

Yunjin and Chaewon are so excellent.

The song is good, but the MV was also well chosen. And I want to see the full choreography.

I agree with Kim Chaewon in every way. I never thought she’d be able to fit such a good concept, but she does.

Huh Yunjin has so many different expressions that she looks fresh.

Even though the rap was terrible, they were both so good.

Yunjin has a lot of star power.

What do you think?



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