LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha is showered with love and support after stealing the spotlight at 2022 KCON

HYBE promotes Kazuha a lot because of her undeniable talent and beautiful looks.

On October 14, LE SSERAFIM went to “KCON Japan 2022,” where Kazuha and male idol Hwang Minhyun were the hosts. People couldn’t stop loving how she looked and how hard she worked to get those abs.

LE SSERAFIM also did a cover of “Love Shot” by EXO. He wore a red suit and stole the show. As soon as she took the center of the stage during the chorus, people were impressed with her talent and how she looked.

Kazuha had been on KCON before in a video of 4th Generation’s visual representatives. The idol showed off how beautiful and nice she was.

After 5 months on the industry, Kazuha made a name for herself not only in Japan, but also in Korea.

Kazuha‘s past is very interesting. She learned how to dance ballet and won a lot of prizes in this field. This helped her get ready to dance and take charge of the stage.

Most of the time, Kazuha is in charge of hard choreography that needs a lot of flexibility. In the group, she also sings and raps.

She has a lot of charisma, which makes her a great choice for working with magazines of all sizes.

Kazuha and Sakura are both powerful members of LE SSERAFIM, with Sakura acquiring a substantial foothold in the Korean and Japanese entertainment industries. 



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