Japanese girl group =LOVE gaining attention for changing their styling to look more like K-pop idols

Netizens talk about the similarities and differences between Korean idols and Japanese idols.

In the Korean entertainment industry, there are a lot of idols and celebrities who look a lot like each other. But are there other famous people outside of Korea who look like Korean idols?

On October 16, a post about a specific Japanese idol began trending on Nate‘s community board under the title, “Japanese idols who receive KPOP idols’ styling versus those KPOP Idols“.

The netizen talk about a Japanese girl group called “Equal Love (=Love)” in particular. According to the post, they recently shot their MV in Korea, and Bit&Bot did their hair and makeup.

Their MV screencaps also make them look like Korean idols, while the pictures below them show them looking like Japanese idols.

Last, the netizen who wrote the post stated, “I thought the difference was bigger than it was, but it was smaller than I thought. There are also members who look more like they did before. Some of them do resemble KPOP idols“.

The netizen then listed all the photos showing proof that they really look like Korean Idols.

Other netizens quickly responded and shared also their opinions:

I think they look better originally..?

They look better before thought..?

All of them look better with the Japanese styling.

Aside from 1-2 of them, they all looked better before…

They look pretty in both though?!

I’m shocked that the Japanese styling looked better

Usually, girls who have always been good at managing themselves would look pretty no matter what. They are just good at being styled.

Japanese people do look better with Japanese styling

Why come to Korea to go to Bit&Bot

Bit&Bot though…

What are your thoughts?



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