Former IZ*ONE member Yabuki Nako hopes to return to acting following HKT48’s graduation

Former IZ*ONE member and Japanese idol singer Yabuki Nako announced her departure from HKT48.

At the HKT48 Makuhari Messe Live Night Performance on the afternoon of October 16, Yabuki Nako declared the graduation of her group.

She added that her upcoming single will be her final as a member of the group and that she intended to pursue her passion of becoming an actress in the future.

She continued by saying that her graduation concert would also take place in 2023.

Although she was active as a child actress prior to making her idol debut, netizens are praising her transition into the acting world by saying things like, “You worked hard!” and “You seem to do well in anything you do.”

They also say things like, “I will support you on the road ahead.”

Yabuki Nako, who is 21 years old and was born in 2001, made her debut at HKT48 in 2013 as a third-grader.

She returned to her old group, HKT48, and was active there after her group activities with IZ*ONE came to an end.



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