Red Velvet, who fiercely battles to get the luxury room with the ocean view brought netizens to a sea of laughter

The members of the girl group Red Velvet competed for the ‘Ocean View Solitary Room’ in ‘Level Up Project Season 5’.

In episodes 7 and 8 of Wavve’s original entertainment program ‘Level Up Project Season 5 (Level Up 5)’, which was released on October 14th, Red Velvet members finally arrived at the Ocean View dorm.

In the previous ‘Level Up 5’, Red Velvet members shared deep stories as well as exciting activities such as BB shooting and kart racing. Red Velvet’s sincere time, which could not be seen on stage, even brought the word ‘Friendship Up Project’.

In the next public broadcast, Red Velvet finally arrived at the luxury ocean view accommodation after enjoying dinner. The members, who entered the ocean-view accommodation near the beautiful beach, could not help but admire the view of the sea outside the window and the spacious interior.

After that, they started a room assignment game to get the ‘luxury ocean view room’ that all members wanted. The first game was a game called ‘Baby Pig Piglet’, a game where you had to point out each other and say sentences quickly and accurately. When a long and confusing sentence was presented, the scene became a sea of ​​laughter as the members spoke with twisted pronunciation or changed the sentence altogether.

Next, in ‘Sori Liar Game’, the members deceived and deceived each other and engaged in an extreme psychological warfare. The game, which transformed the previous word of the Liar game into the sounds of everyday life, was a game in which maintaining a poker face was basic, and a fierce battle of eyesight unfolded. They played the game according to their own style, such as Joy and Yeri, who formed an alliance, Seulgi, who constantly wiggles the corners of her mouth, and Irene, who is careful with her words.

Among them, Wendy, who continues to be unfairly driven as Liar, exploded with injustice. She made us laugh out loud when she declared, “I‘ve never played a Liar game in my life.”

At the end of the first day of the friendship tour, the members had time to look back at the day one by one in the ‘Room of Stars’.

 The members, excited about the trip to Red Velvet as a whole after a long time, scored the trip, remembering the most enjoyable spots and happy moments with the members during the day. I also fell in love with the memories by looking at the photos of last season’s ‘Level Up Project’ on the wall of the ‘Room of Stars’. In particular, Seulgi expressed anticipation and affection, saying, “Next time, ‘Level Up 5’ photos will be attached.”



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