Korean netizens can’t stop laughing over Mamamoo Hwasa’s response to Solar on how she cleans her poop with long nails

 Mamamoo Hwasa made people laugh by revealing how to treat feces with long nails.

On October 13th, a video titled ‘Mamamoo Q&A that doesn’t need water level adjustment’ was posted on Solar’s YouTube channel ‘Solasido’.

Solar said, “I’m on the set of a music video. I’m going to try to receive Q&A from Mamamoo members.” First, Hwasa said, “I’m very sensitive and picky” to the question of ‘Today’s TMI’, and Solar laughed, saying, “I’ll keep it short.”

Next, Solar asked, “Please show me your nails first,” and Hwasa explained the concept, “If you wear nails that have too much color in the outfit, it’s a bit too much… I did it with a little PVC material.”

Solar asked, “Do you have any plans to shorten your nails?Hwasa said firmly, “No.” Then, she laughed, saying, “Even when I’m old, I’ll go like this. When I’m buried in a grave, I’ll have long nails. I’ll put it on a tombstone.”

At that time, Solar said, “Your nails are long, how do you clean them when you poop. There is no angle.

” Then, Hwasa said, “This is a misunderstanding. You are a beginner, so it is. You ask honestly.”

To the question ‘What are nails to Hwasa?’, Hwasa said, “I’ve been decorating since middle school,” she said, expressing his love for long nails. 

Then Solar said, “Then you’ve been pooping like this since middle school…”



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