AKMU Lee Chan Hyuk shares a day of his life, a house tour, thoughts about marriage + more

Lee Chan Hyuk brought up the story of marriage.

In the MBC ‘Home Alone’ broadcast on the 14th, AKMU  Lee Chan Hyuk revealed his house and shared his unique daily life.

On this day, Lee Chan Hyuk unveiled a house that he personally designed. 

Lee Chan Hyuk‘s house surprised viewers with the interior of a sensual vintage art concept with a view of the Han River.

 Lee Chan Hyuk said, “I became more interested in this field after becoming independent.” Lee Chan Hyuk also drew attention by creating a window leading to the outside in the bathroom.

Lee Chan Hyuk‘s wardrobe was full of items full of personality, and there was even a warehouse, which made me admire. 

In Lee Chan Hyuk‘s closet, there was a Marine Corps uniform. Park Na Rae said, “Lee Chan-hyuk’s military photo has a title like this. ‘It’s definitely not on our side’“, making everyone around him burst into laughter.

Lee Chan Hyuk on clothes and white sunglasses, and rode a bicycle. Park Na Rae asked, “Are you going to go to Su-hyeon’s house?” and Lee Chan-hyuk said, “Is that so?“, showing her real-life sibling chemistry, making her surroundings into a sea of ​​laughter.

Lee Chan Hyuk arrived at his regular book cafe. Lee Chan Hyuk sat in the cafe and looked at the scenery. Lee Chan Hyuk said, “It’s my routine. I always sit there.” 

After enjoying coffee and sandwiches, Lee Chan Hyuk went to work out at the in-house gym of his agency, YG Entertainment.

Lee Chan Hyuk enjoyed hard workouts and concentrated. He said to his trainer, “I think it’s right to exercise in the morning. I even got up in the morning to do the exercises I didn’t like, but I feel like I can’t do anything.” Lee Chan Hyuk came out feeling good after working out for an hour.

Meanwhile, on this day, Lee Chan Hyuk went to Eulji-ro with his manager, who he is best friends with, and enjoyed vintage shopping. Lee Chan Hyukcame home alone and felt lonely, confessing his feelings about marriage, saying, “I think the most important relationship in life is one person. My wife. My goal is to create a happy family.”



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