Park Ha Sun who revealed her middle school pictures made Shin Ae Ra respond hilariously which invoked laughter from netizens

‘As You Want’ Park Ha Sun revealed an episode that occurred due to presbyopia.

In the MBN entertainment program ‘Blindly Tour – As You Want’ (hereinafter ‘As You Want’), which was broadcast on October 13th, travel guide Shin Ae Ra Park Ha Sun and Park Jin Hee Choi Jung Yoon, who appeared as guests, contained travelogues in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do.

On this day, the cast doubted the age of the youngest, Park Ha Sun, who knew the old things well. In response, Park Ha Sun mentioned the phoenix theory, saying, “I have the same face now because my face has been old since I was young.”

Park Ha Sun in the published photos from middle school and high school surprised everyone by boasting the same innocent appearance as now. 

In particular, Shin Ae Ra provoked laughter when she responded, “(rather) I look older when I was in middle school.”

Park Ha Sun added, “When I was 19, I saw them all as 28” and added, “When I wore plain clothes, I started talking to my college students knowing that they were of the same age.”



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