Le Sserafim Breaks The Internet With Their Dance Cover Of EXO’s Loveshot… But It’s Only Here For A Few More Hours

K-Pop girl boy groups have given us a lot of famous dance moves.

Since there are so many great boy group dances, it’s no surprise that female idols often cover them.

Male idols sometimes try to make the dances more “masculine,” but they end up making the dances so different that it’s hard to tell what they are.

But when female idols stay true to the original choreography while adding their own twist, we get legendary covers.

Le Sserafim has become a hot topic because of the comments they received on their latest dance cover.

On October 14, a post about Le Sserafim began trending on theqoo‘ community board under the title, “LE SSERAFIM WILL COVER EXO LOVESHOT AT KCON“.

Other netizens then commented:

Wow, I’m so impressed by Kazuha. She hasn’t been dancing idol dances for that long, but she’s so good.

They did well, and Kazuha is so hot.

Wow, everyone has such cool abs.

No, but give us Kim Chaewon’s fancam for crying out loud! She’s amazing.

Kim Chaewon is one of the best dancers in the world.

The clothes are crazy, and the fact that we can see their abs through them makes them even crazier. Everyone must be working so hard

Please give us the fancam of Kim Chaewon. Every time this girl dances to the music of male idols, it’s a legend. It’s just too good. She was never bad, but how does she always get away with it? She’s great.

The stage was really, really good.

Recently, every time I look at Le Sserafim’s stages, I realize how good and cool they are.

Why don’t they give us Growl?

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