Kim Woo Bin and Jung Soo Jung who worked together in ‘The Heirs’ reunited at the Ralph Lauren fashion show

Actors Kim Woo Bin and Jung Soo Jung, who appeared together in ‘The Heirs‘, met at the American fashion show.

On October 14th, Kim Woo Bin and Jung Soo Jung attended the Ralph Lauren SS Collection runway show held in San Marino, California, USA.

Jung Soo Jung and Kim Woo Bin each watched the show in a simple black long dress and a striped brown suit.

Jung Soo Jung, who created a strong yet chic atmosphere with red lipstick and black boots with long black hair hanging down, and Kim Woo Bin, who showed off a perfect suit fit like a former model, sat side by side and seriously watched the fashion show, smiling at the camera that took them.

He also posed comfortably.

Kim Woo Bin and Jung Soo Jung played the roles of Choi Young-do and Lee Bo-na respectively in the 2013 drama ‘The Heirs’.

The Heirs’ is about the love and friendship of wealthy high school students.



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