Honey J, who is expecting a baby, announces her wedding date

Dancer Honey J is getting married.

Honey J’s agency, Morevision, announced on October 14th, “Honey J will have a wedding with a prospective groom who is one year younger than him on November 4,” distributing a press release to the media.

Honey J’s agency said, “We would like to share the moments of joy with precious relationships with both families, relatives and close acquaintances.”

As the leader of the dance crew Holly Bang, Honey J received great love for appearing on the cable channel Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’.

Previously, Honey J was congratulated for announcing her marriage and pregnancy last month. At the time, Honey J said, “I, who valued love the most, met the person who made me want to dream of a future together and made a promise for the rest of my life. He always puts me first and is full of consideration and love. I want to become a person.”

In addition, Honey J said, “Before this year is over, I will hold a wedding ceremony and walk towards the future, one step at a time, together. I hope that you will encourage me in the future with my partner who makes me happier than anyone else if we are together. We will live together for a long, long time.”

In particular, Honey J said, “And I want to share with you one more piece of good news.” “A new life has come to both of us recently. We welcome this precious and small life, which taught us what joy cannot be expressed in words, with love and sincerity. I’m trying to do it. Even as I write this, my heart-felt joy and responsibility are intersecting.”



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