AKMU Lee Chan Hyuk on living alone, “It’s hard to be alone in this house” raises curiosity among fans

AKMU Lee Chan Hyuk unveils art house for the first time through ‘Home Alone’.

The daily life of AKMU Lee Chan Hyuk will be revealed in the MBC entertainment program ‘Home Alone’ (directed by Heo Hang, Lee Min-ji and Kang Ji-hee), which will be aired on October 14th.

‘Chanhyuk’s Art House’, which has been moving for a year and a half, is expected to attract attention with Lee’s touch from floor to ceiling. 

The interior of Lee Chan Hyuk, who likes the warm and old feeling, is unique in itself. 

The interior of the bathroom, decorated with the Han River View, where you can see the traffic situation on the North Riverside Road, and taping of the words ‘Love’ written by Chan Hyuk himself, robs the attention of the interior.

Lee Chan Hyuk‘s art house is a collection of things he likes, but Lee Chan Hyuk confesses, “It’s hard to be alone in this house,” raising curiosity about the reason. 

In fact, unlike other musicians who spend their daily lives as an ‘evening person’ through music work, Lee Chan Hyuk lives an art life ‘not enough 24 hours’ to get up early and move early.

Lee Chan Hyuk, who diligently left home, starts a romantic ‘Morning Routine’ heading to his favorite place in the morning, saying, “A bicycle is my only means of transportation.”

 Then, at his agency YG Entertainment’s in-house GYM, he has a morning health time by burning the ‘Marine Spirit’. Lee Chan Hyuk, a former Marine Corps veteran, will be revealed.

On the other hand, genius musician Lee Chan Hyuk‘s art house can be seen through ‘ Home Alone’, which will be broadcast at 11:10 pm on October 14th.



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