“Similar to the aging of a fine wine” 11 K-Pop Idols That Will Be 30 In 2023

Korea’s age system adds a year to the international age because they count the time spent in the womb.

This means that everyone is a year old when they are born.

Most people call the 30s “the Big 3s” because that’s when you start some of the best years of your life and start a new one.

On October 10, a post about idols who will turn 30 next year began trending on instiz‘ community board under the title, “90s K-pop stars who will be 30 in 2023“.

Here are 10 or more Korean stars who will turn 30 in Korea next year.

Don’t let the number fool you, though; they’ve been getting better with age.

Ha Sung Woon 

Oh My Girl Hyojung 


Red Velvet Seulgi 

Red Velvet Wendy


EXO Sehun

MonstaX Jooheon

Monsta X Hyungwon

BTS J-Hope


The netizen then listed all the comments as the following:

I can’t wait for SeolA unnie to be in her thirties….

I can’t believe that 94’ers are now 3…

What went on in 1994? The pool of resources is crazy.

Wow, they’re all shocking, but Kai and Sehun were the most shocking to me…

Suzy, Krystal, Kang Jiyoung, Hyeri, Son Naeun, etc…

Day 6: Wonpil-o

How are people born in 1994… Time really goes by fast.

Hyungwon-ah Jooheon-ah…

Suzy and Day6 Wonpil will also be 30 years old next year. Why am I the only one getting older?

iKON Kim Jinhwan too..

What are your thoughts on this?



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