Kim Go Eun Revealed The Special Person Who Gifted Her A Ring

Kim Go Eun revealed the ring she is wearing.

On October 10th, on a magazine’s official channel, a video was posted with the title, “Little Women Kim Go-eun’s event on the 10th anniversary of her debut this year.

In the video, Kim Go Eun said, “I had a fan meeting every time I filmed, and they sent me coffee trucks and gave me a lot of support, but there was no way I could repay you.”

Next, she showed off her affection for the adopted dog, saying, “Wol-i is smart. She looks very pretty. Everyone passing by says she is so pretty.

In addition, Kim Go Eun said, “I like what I do.”

She added, “The ring is also a ring that makes her fans curious and interested, and it’s a ring that her mother bought for her as a birthday present in her sophomore year of high school.”

She also emphasized that “I prefer to do it like a daily rather than keep changing it.”



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