Netizens expect another fierce battle between IVE and NewJeans to win Rookie of the Year at MAMA 2022

Netizens think that IVE or NewJeans will win the female Rookie of the Year award at the “2022 Mnet Asian Music Awards“.

On October 9, individuals over the internet talked about who they thought would win at the 2022 MAMA. Even without the judges’ subjective scores, the predictions say that IVE and NewJeans might win the Rookie of the Year award for female category.

The predictions say that IVE may win more awards. Without the judges’ scores, IVE‘s “Love Dive” is at the top of the list followed by NewJeans.

Also, IVE is currently number one for the Artist of the Year award without any scores from the judges.

Since the judges’ scores have the most weight, nothing is certain, but it seems likely that the girls will win this year’s rookie award at the upcoming awards show.

Meanwhile, other netizens quickly responded with comments, such as:

NewJeans are the ones who brought them out most recently, but they’re already so great. The 4th generation of female idols are so powerful.

Isn’t it almost certain that it will be IVE…? I love NewJeans too, but the comments saying that NewJeans made a bigger impression and that they should get it and whatnot are so funny. I’m sorry, but IVE’s results are much better, and their ROTY award is almost certain.

Already, IVE is a wall in terms of results, but I see so many comments pulling them down. Why are fans of NewJeans having fits and writing things like “NewJeans fighting for the rookie award”?

The rookie award must go to IVE.

Most likely, NewJeans will win the award for best new group, and IVE will win the award for best girl group.

But since when did MAMA ever give out awards based solely on results?

NewJeans came out last among female idols, but they’re already number two, which means they’re good.

As we would expect from IVE.

Huh? Why are there so many comments dragging IVE down?

Even though all girl groups are doing so well, I want IVE to win.

What are your thoughts?



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