Netizens split over NewJeans’ stylist giving members “grandma pants” as stage outfit at “The Fact Music Awards”

Unexpectedly, NewJeans‘ recent show is getting a lot of attention.

On October 8, KST, an online community posted a screen capture of the members during their performance at the “2022 The Fact Music Awards” with the caption, “A photo of NewJeans’ The Fact Music Awards stage wardrobe, which got negative reactions in real time.

In the photo, the members were posing in outfits that mixed and matched different patterns and colors to create a fun, 90s-style look.

Some of the comments left on the post were:

It makes me think of the Korean animation Secret Jouju. What’s going on? They usually get a lot of compliments about how well they dress, so what gives?

Durian, cherry, kiwi, peach milk, and blueberry clothes?

Why do they have grandma pants with flowers on them?

Looks like kids’ drawings were used to make the clothes.

Take out this coordinate. Putting these kids with a fresh vibe in this kind of clothing? This could only be done by a group like 2NE1.

It would be stupid to put them in something like that and hope for a good response.

No way… Coordi, what does this look like?

But other Netizens defended the group’s style by saying:

Huh? It’s strange to care this much about it. Idols have always worn strange clothes like this, right? These reactions are too strong. [It makes me think of] “Baby VOX“.

Really, it looks like something NCT would wear.

But they are lovely.

Oh, this is funny, but it also seems cool, right?

At the same time, NewJeans not only performed their singles “Hype Boy” and “Attention” at the award show, but they also won the “Next Leader” award, along with LE SSERAFIM and IVE, who were also new at the time.

Watch them perform on stage below, and tell us what you think of their clothes.



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