Kim Go Eun’s filmography garners attention as most of the roles she’s played are “unforgettable”

Kim Go Eun‘s amazing filmography has been drawing the attention of netizens.

After Kim Go Eun went from being a nobody to the center of a lot of media attention when she was cast as Eungyo in 2012, a 17-year-old high school student who awakens the l*st of two men, in “A Muse“. Her performance swept the Best New Actress awards that year.

Recently, a post titled “The unexpected lifelong character of Kim Go Eun, which is making people have different thoughts“, was posted on an online community. The post included a list of the works in which actor Kim Go Eun had participated.

The netizen who wrote the post listed all the “unforgettable” roles she participated after getting her first Best New Actress award. The netizen then stated, “Wow, how can all of this be on Kim Go Eun‘s filmography?“.

Cheese In The Trap as Hong Seol

Coin Locker Girl as Il Young

Goblin as Ji Eun Tak

Yumi’s Cells as Yumi

Little Women as Oh In Joo

In the first half of 2022, she was in the drama “Yumi’s Cells,” where she played Yumi, an average office worker in her 30s. She won another “Best Actress” award, and the reviews were good.

All of the movies and dramas that Kim Go Eun has been in have been getting a lot of attention, and each one has brought the actress more success.

At the same time, other Netizens talked about which roles of Kim Goe Eun they remember best, such us:


Ji Eun Tak and Oh In Joo are her renewal.

Yumi for me ㅜㅜ

I’ve seen them all, and I’ve decided to go with Oh In Joo instead of Ji Eun Tak.


It has to me Oh In Joo.

From Eun Tak to Yumi, it went. I think it’s In Joo these days.

Yumi! Her acting in the other ones has had awkward moments but I think that it’s because her role fit the drama well so I just see her as Yumi.

No but was her role as Oh In Joo that good!? Wow I’m so freaking curious.

Kim Go Eun is the only one able to play Eun Tak-ie.

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