Netizens say that Lee Chae Yeon’s upcoming solo album “Hush Rush” copies parts of Key’s album

Lee Chae Yeon has released a new set of sassy teaser photos for her first solo mini album, “Hush Rush.”

The former member of IZ*ONE put out her first solo mini album, “Hush Rush,” on October 6 KST. The title track is also the name of the album. As soon as she put out new versions of her albums, fans and people on the Internet noticed how they looked.

LEE CHAE YEON VS. KEY’S CONTROVERSY IS OUT,” said the title of a post in an online community by a netizen. The online community post had pictures of all of the versions of her album she had put out so far.

The person who put up the post said, “A WM PR person said that the company doesn’t have a design team and that everything is done by other companies. So, if you look at the concept pictures at the top and the teasers at the bottom, you can see that the teasers are of a much lower quality. I think the hate design team finished their work much too quickly “.

The Netizen added, “At the same time, it’s not just one or two things that are similar. Even if you say this isn’t plagiarism, Key’s album hasn’t even been out for a month, so does it make sense that they didn’t notice the side eyes and didn’t change anything? Both fan groups are angry right now “.

At the end of her post, the netizen said, “I think that Lee Chae Yeon is kind of sad. Her plans for her debut keep falling through, and this is also her first album, but she has been getting a lot of hate because of the company she works for “.

Even fans and many Netizens didn’t seem to know this, as they wrote:

Lee Chae Yeon is the one who has been hurt. This shouldn’t be a fight between fans. Her company is to blame, that’s true.

You did a good job of explaining the situation… I like Key and have supported Chaeyeon since Produce, but this really makes me so mad. People know the company for not doing their work on both sides.

I thought the details of the album were both Key’s, but it’s not. It’s way too similar?

How to act? There are even the same colors…

WM isn’t very good at what they do, but this is a real mess. How shocking do they want Chaeyeon’s first show to be?

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