Jessi Is In Preparation To Establish Her Own One-Man Agency After Her Breakup With P-Nation

 Singer Jessi goes out on her own.

As a result of the My Daily coverage on October 7th, it was confirmed that Jessi was preparing to establish a one-man agency. In the meantime, there have been many speculations about Jessi’s path, but in the end, she has decided to walk her own path. 

Jessi is expected to express her talents to the fullest through her one-person agency, as she has stood out in various entertainment shows in addition to her singing career.

Jessi’s contract with P-Nation, headed by singer Psy, expired in July.

At that time, P-Nation announced farewell to Jessi and said, “As the first artist of P-Nation, Jessi, who has been with P-Nation since the beginning of P-Nation until now, has established herself as an artist loved by more fans through her passionate passion and unremitting efforts.”

“Such a process and achievements have been a positive and enjoyable stimulus for all members of P-Nation,” he thanked.

At that time, Jessi also expressed her affection for her P-Nation and hinted that she would take a break for a while. 

After that, rumors of a contract with Antenna were raised, but Antenna denied that it was “groundless.”



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