Here Are Song Jia’s Most Adorable Photos With Her New Pet Dog ‘Baechi’

YouTuber Free Zia introduced a new family.

Free Zia posted a picture on her Instagram on October 7th and said, “I have a new family,” and released a small, white puppy named ‘Baechi’.

Baechi, which boasts of its characteristic curly fur and white cotton-like charm, is presumed to be a ‘Bichon Frize (hereafter, Bichon)’ breed.

Free Zia said, “My little and precious baby’s belly,” and is in the midst of taking selfies with her belly button around.

Some netizens who saw this commented, “Are you united?” “Did you get it from a pet shop?” “You have to think about your influence,” and “I’m holding a breed dog like a luxury bag.” 

Another netizen came forward and defended it, saying, “Freesia will take care of her and raise her well.”

Free Zia once introduced a dog called ‘Buddy’, a Pomeranian that boasts a doll-like appearance, and is also a breed dog. It is known that the dandelion is raised in the home family.

Afraid that it would become a controversy, Free Zia quickly came up with an explanation. “Baechi, my acquaintance puppy gave birth to one of them, so I brought one of them,” she explained, and fixed the comment at the top.

Meanwhile, Free Zia rose to stardom after appearing on Netflix’s love entertainment show ‘Single’s Inferno‘ last year. 

Known as the golden spoon and enjoying popularity, she went into self-reflection when some of the luxury goods she wore on TV were found to be fakes. Then she resumed her activities after the last 5 months.



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