Crush’s Instagram stories triggers speculations pointing to ITZY member Ryujin’s comments on VLIVE

Crush‘s recent Instagram story made people wonder if he was talking about recent things that happened because of ITZY member Ryujin‘s comments on VLIVE.

On October 5, Crush posted a series of messages on his own Instagram. Crush said, “How you feel is what makes you happy. Friendly people are the most beautiful people in the world, no matter how they look “.

After his post, a lot of people went to online community forums to talk about whether they thought Crush was indirectly talking about things that had happened in the past.

Ryujin and Yeji recently did a VLIVE broadcast, and during it, Ryujin read out a comment about Crush. Ryujin told Yeji, in front of all their fans watching on V Live, “Because Crush is dating Joy sunbaenim.”

Yeji didn’t understand what this meant, so Ryujin said, “Because Crush is dating Joy sunbaenim.”

After this, many people said that Ryujin was rude for talking about another female idol’s relationship in front of millions of fans.

Netizens quickly responded with comments, such as:

Even if he goes after her, she has nothing to say. Joy and Crush must have been so mad.

What kind of crazy idol would talk about another idol’s relationship with Sunbae?

She didn’t think things through, and ITZY‘s fans cursed at Crush, so I think Crush is going after Ryujin.

Crush also posted something similar when people were mean to him after he got out of the army. So I think he’s talking about what’s going on with Ryujin.

If I were a famous person, I would hate it if a company junior talked about my relationship. Lol.

How close are Ryujin and Joy? Joy is the one who loses the most.

Because of how casually Ryujin brought it up, I thought for a moment that they were with each other.

From the point of view of Crush, I do feel bad for him.

Just by looking at the citations on Twitter, you can see that there are a lot of posts about Crush that say there is nothing wrong with Ryujin mentioning them.

What are your thoughts about the post?



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