Netizens debate appropriateness of ITZY member Ryujin to talk about Red Velvet’s Joy and Crush’s relationship

Fans are arguing about whether ITZY‘s Ryujin made a mistake when she talked about the relationship between Red Velvet’s Joy and Crush.

On October 4, Ryujin and Yeji of ITZY did a VLIVE for their fans. Ryujin was listening to Crush‘s music during the VLIVE when she saw a fan’s comment that said “Crush should be paying more taxes“.

The comment was a reference to a joke that fans made about Crush‘s relationship with Red Velvet member Joy. They said that he should pay more taxes for winning the lottery.

When Ryujin read the comment, Yeji looked at her with confusion and asked what it meant. Ryujin whispered that the joke was about how close the two singers were.

Ryujin: *Reads comment* Crush who has to pay more taxes (laughs)
Yeji: Why?
Ryujin: Joy sunbae-nim
Yeji: Huh?
Ryujin: Joy sunbae-nim, he’s dating her so…
Yeji: Ok, but what’s the comment about?
Ryujin: He has to pay more taxes. That’s what people are saying
Yeji: Oh, really?
Ryujin: That’s why he has to pay more taxes
Yeji: Really?

Soon, fans talked about the incident online, and some thought it was rude for Ryujin to talk about another idol’s relationship.

Some people said that even though Crush and Joy were dating in public, it was still a delicate situation and Ryujin should have been more careful.

What’s the point? Stop telling them what to do. They aren’t really doing anything wrong.

Oh, these comments are so funny!

I’m not sure if any fan would like it, to be honest. I think it gives people a chance to make fun of their relationship, so I’m curious if she had to explain the situation that way. But she didn’t do anything bad, so I’m also wondering if people should be able to say something about this.

It was rude, and she has been linked to that male idol in rumors, so judging by how Yeji reacted, they don’t seem to have much tact.

I found out that Joy and Crush were going out because of this post.

Who cares? It was live, so mistakes are to be expected. This isn’t a reason to grab them by the throat…. I wouldn’t think anything of it if it came from my bias.

But aren’t they dating in public? Just one mistake was made, so why are you guys acting like this?

She wasn’t even talking in a casual way, so what’s the big deal?

Hul I was really confused about what was going on here… If this was so rude, how should she say she’s sorry?

The kids who say, “What’s the problem here?” make me wonder if they’ve ever been out in public.

That really put a damper on things.

Not a big deal.

She became so serious that Yeji is pitifulㅠㅠ

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