Nana Sends Netizens Into Meltdown After Giving A Glimpse Of Her Unseen Chest Tattoo

Nana confirmed the tattoo on her body.

On October 5th, actress Nana, a former member of the group After School, posted a few photos along with the words “I love you Jihyo #Hongjihyo #HeoBora #Glitch #Netflix” through her Instagram.

In the published photos, Nana is posing while taking a promotional photo for her new series. Her intense chest tattoos grab her attention.

Previously, Nana surprised her by appearing with a tattoo on her body at the scene at the production report of her movie ‘Confession’. 

Afterwards, she said about the tattoo, “It’s a tattoo I wanted to do.” “I don’t know if the day will come when I can tell you why I did this tattoo, but I’ll tell you later if I get a chance. It’s a tattoo I did personally.”

On the other hand, the Netflix series ‘Glitch’, in which Nana appears, depicts a four-dimensional or more tracing drama in which Ji-hyo, who sees an alien, and Bora, who has been chasing an alien, pursues the whereabouts of Ji-hyo’s boyfriend, who has disappeared without a trace, and approaches the reality of an unconfirmed mystery.

It will be released on October 7th.



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