Actress Shin Se Kyung Tried To Do Her Own Makeup And We Are Obsessed

Shin Se Kyung boasted a unique beauty.

Shin Se Kyung posted a photo on her own Instagram on October 5th day along with the caption “Self-makeup (color used)“.

In the published photo, Shin Se Kyung is looking at her camera and taking a selfie. Shin Se Kyung drew attention by showing off her natural yet lovely visuals by challenging herself to make-up herself.

Shin Se Kyung‘s distinct features and elegant atmosphere caught the eye.

In response, Choi Soo Young showed her affection by adding her heart emoticon along with a comment saying “ㅠㅠㅠ“.

Netizens showed reactions such as “Princess Se Kyung works hard“, “Unnie is so pretty“, and “Can’t believe it“.

Shin Se Kyung was active in the movie “Another Record” and the drama “Run On” last year, and is running a YouTube channel.



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