Korean netizens talk about how famous Krystal’s styling was

f(x)‘s Krystal has become a hot topic because of the comments she received on her styling.

On October 3, a post about Krystal began trending on enter-talk‘ community board under the title, “Back then, Krystal was famous for her casual style.“.

The netizen who posted said, “She was just a straight-up cool girl. She seems like a rebellious teen, so many girls started to like her at that time. I think that, out of all the famous women, she has the best aura.“

The netizen then listed all the comments as the following:

Even now, her style doesn’t look tacky. As you might expect, simple is best.

Almost all of these things were simple, so when you look at them now, they don’t look country. I miss idol Soojungieㅠㅠ

I feel like I’m looking at young Kristen Stewart… I really think they have a lot to offer as famous people.

She is the female idol who looks best in French chic style.

All of those are a few years old, but not a single one of them looks tacky.

I hope that Krystal will be the lead in a Korean version of Skins.

What are your thoughts on this?



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