“Let’s set an interest”, EXO’s Xiumin just tried to borrow 100 million from Sehun and it’s totally hilarious

EXO‘s Xiumin pulled a prank on Sehun, who asked him to borrow money.

In KBS2TV‘s entertainment program “Beat Coin“, which was broadcast on the night of the 2nd, Hong Jin-kyung, Jo Se-ho, Woo-young, and Xiumin called their acquaintances and challenged the mission of collecting 100 million within 20 minutes.

Xiumin then called Sehun, a member of the same group EXO. When asked what he was doing, Sehun replied, “I was thinking about you”, making Xiumin happy.

Then, when Xiumin said, “It’s not that different”, Sehun said, “I think it’s different”, and showed a quick look.

Xiumin started talking to Sehun, saying, “You have some money, right?” and “I put all my money into a savings account a while ago”.

At Xiumin‘s words, Sehun persevered, saying, “Then take it out again“, but Xiumin persuaded him to give it to him next week, saying, “If you take it out, it’s a loss“.

To Xiumin, who asked for 30 million won, Sehun asked, “Are you drunk?” causing laughter.

However, soon Sehun expressed his intention to lend it to him, saying, “Let’s set an interest rate”. When Xiumin asked, “How much interest do you want?” Sehun said, “About twice as much?” bringing laughter.

Sehun then said, “I’m kidding, I’ll send you hyung“, revealing his strong friendship and moving his heart.



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